My passion for music, started at the age of 5 and gradually grew by listening to soul/pop genre, from the 70s. 

Thanks to my family and friends, I had the opportunity to listen to records of that era, such as: "Innervisions, Bad , Dangerous, Whitney, Mariah Carey, Jackson 5 etc....

I started playing the drums at 13 years old, becoming "professional drum teacher in private and pubblic schools at 21 years old" 

Specializing at "Music Academy 2000" coming in contact with famous drummers of Italian scene such as "Bruno Farinelli" - (Elisa, Il volo, Lucio Dalla), "Max Govoni" - (Silvia Mezzanotte dei "Mattia Bazar"),  "Gabiele Palazzi" ("Fabio Concato"), "Paolo Valli" (Vasco Rossi).

My musical Background and recording productions, spaces between "Hard rock" from 70's,  (AC/DC, "Deep Purple", "Black Sabbath", Van Halen, "Guns and Roses") and from then, over the years, "Thrash/Metal Music" music such as "Metallica", "Pantera" , "Megadeth", "Sepultura", "Slayer", "Anthrax", "Exodus" etc... 

At 23 years old I started studying "Sound engineering" at producing my band "Caostica" Grunge Rock Band in my recording studio, since then we started touring in Italy. 

That moment allowed me to work in a professional recording studio like "Suburbia", and opening my actual Studio. "Heavyground Recording".

Since then I have produced around "hundreds" of artists and bands in my area, Italy, and collaborations in other countries. 

The most relevant collaborations done are:

  •  "Alice for President" Rock Band for "Sanremo Rock" 
  •  "Morgan ICS" Finalist from "Xfactor Italy"
  •  "Caostica"
  •  "Rising Soul band", with Valeria Magnani" 
  •  Cristina Magalo - Vocal student from "Cheryl Porter"
  •  "Federico Maragoni" Drummer from "Goblin, Claudio Simonetti's band" 
  •  "Gabriele Ravaglia" Guitar player and Mixing engineer from "Fear Studio"


In 2022 i attended the "PPS course" with the Canadian mixing engineer "Jordan Valeriote" (Silverstein, Counterparts, Intervals). 

"Over 15 years of professional production and mixing for bands and artists

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